• Forgiven

    For years in my mind's eye I saw a group of warriors stabbing me in the back. They were from an ancient time when I had killed a group of them and their commander while guarding a cave containing sacred objects. Their commander appeared one day covered in Japanese warrior garb of that time and said he and his warriors had watched me in my efforts to be compassionate and loving in service to others. Then he laid his sword in front of me which became illuminated and his dark heart sailed out of his chest to be replaced by a heart so filled with light I could barely see its outline. He said "You are forgiven". Then a startling thing happened. In their forgiving me I felt total forgiveness in my heart for everyone who had ever hurt me. The pain simply evaporated.  My heart was at peace full of light.


    Watercolor, gouache, ink, pencil on parchment

    15" x 10"

    Not For Sale
  • Myra's Hands

    Myra’s fingertips grew leaf covered branches from hands encased in casts for her broken wrists. 

    Just as seeds germinate underground so fertile creative ideas grew in the darkness beneath the casts and sprouted as verdant foliage from her fingers.


    Watercolor, colored & lead pencils on paper
    5" x 7"

    Not For Sale
  • Hand Radiating Light

    Watercolor and pencil on paper

    6 1/2" x 4 1/2"

    Not For Sale
  • Julia with Laser Beam from her Forehead - 2016
    Julia with Laser Beam from her Forehead
    A beam of light shot out from her forehead: a searchlight for knowledge of the next step. It originated in her pineal gland - the central contact point of the human soul to the universal creative source. Light flowed into her mind and through the pineal gland illustrating her search is one accompanied by the universal source combined with her own desires and will. A writing tool flew out of her mouth and a journal with blank pages appeared as if to say there are ideas she needs to share with the world.
    Watercolor and pencil on paper
    6.5" x 4.5"
    Not For Sale
  • Ann Marie Surrounded by Rene as a Pink Mist - 2016
    Anne Marie Surrounded by Rene as a Pink Mist
    Watercolor and pencil on paper
    Not For Sale
  • In Flight

    In flight with creative power in my right hand, healing forces in my left, and colored pencils in my hair.


    Watercolors and pencil on parchment

    11" x 14"

    Not For Sale
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